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Endorsed by Charles Davidson (Smyth & Helwys, 2019)

“All of life is a story,” author Keith Herron writes. Our stories are sources of self-understanding, and if we draw guidance from those stories, each has something valuable to offer. Living a Narrative Life is an exploration of our vault of stories assembled along the arc of life. As Herron explains, “This is the richness of life: to know your own stories, to value and understand them, and to share them with others. In doing so, we are all enriched.” By making sense of our stories, by mining them for their shades of meaning, and by sharing them in community with others, we deepen our understanding not only of ourselves but also of our place in our families and world.

Keith Herron lives in Kansas City, where he teaches and writes at the intersection of spirituality and psychology. He has degrees in business, religion, education, and a doctorate in pastoral counseling and psychotherapy. He has served as a campus minister and as a pastor in the local church, where seeking the right questions is at least as important as finding the right answers. He and his wife Wanda have two adult children and one granddaughter.

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