Home » From Pain to Purpose: A Young Woman’s Journey from a Communist Prison to an American Pulpit by Luminitza C. Nichols

Edited by Charles Davidson (Resource Publications, 2022)


From Pain to Purpose is a suspenseful memoir depicting the costly commitment of a young woman to keep her faith to the end. Emboldened by an abiding love for Christ learned in the trenches of the underground church, Lumi’s Christian discipleship was a costly undertaking. As the daughter of a communist party leader, she encountered bitter opposition to her faith from family, educators, and the government. At nineteen, Lumi finds herself at the harrowing epicenter of events that led to her arrest, imprisonment, and death sentence during the December 1989 anticommunist revolution. Woven into the story are romantic interests, challenges presented by peers, and a struggle with a call to ministry that made no sense for a woman.

Upon the overthrow of communism, Lumi pilgrimages to an uncertain future in the United States, where she faces a different kind of prison, crueler than the communists could ever invent. From Pain to Purpose is a story of triumph birthed from a stubborn refusal to give up and the faithfulness of a God who cannot lie.

Luminitza C. Nichols received her master of divinity from Palmer Theological Seminary and is an ordained American Baptist pastor. Lumi is currently a doctor of ministry student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She is married to Eric, and together they have two daughters – Ana and Teodora. Lumi writes extensively and is passionate about teaching and preaching the word of God.


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